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Benefits of Using a Realtor

  1. Maximum exposure of your home to potential buyers.
  2. Legal documents provided and used to help avoid any legal problems.
  3. Negotiation of the best price for your home by a seasoned professional.
  4. Pre-Screening potential buyers to avoid wasting time on un-qualified buyers.
  5. Provides advice regarding staging and prepping your home for sale.
  6. You do not pay until your home is sold for the price you want.

Questions to Ask before Hiring a Realtor

  1. How long have you been a licensed realtor for?
    Obviously, people with more experience are usually going to be better than someone who just started last week.
  2. What was your closed volume in 2007, and what about 2006 and 2005?
    You may want to compare their closed volume to what other realtors closed. You want to make sure you hire someone who gets the deal done. There are some realtors who take on lots of listings but have few sales.
  3. Tell me about the marketing strategies you will use to sell my home.
    You want to work with someone who is willing to invest the time and money into many different marketing strategies. You will want a realtor who will list your home on MK HomeSwap, the MLS, hold open houses, advertise in the local paper, and local magazines.
  4. What is the average price point of the homes you sold in 2007 and what about 2006?
    You want to make sure your realtor specializes in your price point. A realtor who specializes in million dollar homes will probably not put as much effort and money into a 150k home. And a realtor who specializes in 100k homes will probably not have had as much experience in selling 2 million dollar homes.